Said & Done

by After Laughter

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released May 6, 2013

Pasażer Records



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


After Laughter Poland

A new chapter of the old book.

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Track Name: Disappointment
Lesser of two evils
Selling out your soul
Mass media control
Not entirely your fault
Blank check for the pricks
They build jails with your bricks
Gentle spank on your ass
Never get any bad press
You've been fucked so hard
Just wanted to be a part..
Just wanted to rearrange..
Make a big change
Track Name: New Paradigm
Old structures can be found
in the system on decline
It will never be the same
Why would you keep it that way

We need a new paradigm, way that we live
The old is used and no use - anymore

Phase one, phase two, phase three,
Framework on the grid

It doesn't work that good
As they all claim in the books
Everybody will drown
In infinitive grown
Track Name: Said And Done
When it's all said and done
We can seat back, watch it grow
When it's all said and done
we have all that we can get

When it's all said and done
the enemies are those who fall
When it's al said and done
let just call it "happy end"

All the engines is on the run
And it's much more than just a fun
Seems that system didn't get us
At least not all

So we setup our lives
and we have the moral rights
to live the dreams that we've looked up to
for so long

When it's all said and done
We can seat back, watch it fall
When it's all said and done
we did not get our chance

When it's all said and done
the enemies are those who grow
When it's all said and done
there's nothing left but escape
Track Name: Dawn
They say it's just the way to say hi
Don't hate "fags", love normal life
With all those picture we have seen
We can't understand the danger

This situation
it's like a scream from the depth of past
Imagine what is left...
Track Name: Alone In The Dark
The gap filled with
unease - it's in your eyes
Lockdown inside
cell hidden in your mind
Trust is banned
Security breach alert
I know, I've seen
Familiar look...

But if you reach out and open what's locked inside
That might help you bravely catch some light
Don't terrorize your thoughts deep down inside your mind
You can be sure you're not the only one

You're not the first
and surely not the last
Lost in the mist
I was there too, I swear
Show some trust
some people earned it
I know, I've seen
Familiar look
Track Name: 20 Seconds
Time we've been here it's like twenty seconds
But the mess we did is worth billion times more

Wasting our energy we're writing our history

Like a drop from the ocean tearing down the world
We need to stop
Track Name: Stab Me
They say "believe in your self if you want someone to..
Someone to believe in you" it's so easy to say

I need to have a faith
in your kind words

Whirling thoughts inside my head are dragging me down
Stab me in the chest I would catch one last breath

How could I trust in a vision
The fairy tales about me
I can not find the reason
To put my trust in that

It is a make up story
To lift my soul up little
You don't need to worry
About my self esteem
Track Name: Coffee Isn't Enough
I'm running in a circles trying to catch my own tail
Living in the future and past but now is failed

It's like climb the highest building in you whole town
Switch your thinking off, seat down and just look down
Living here and now seems to be so fucking hard
Time is running out so we really got to start

I can drink much more black coffee than I ever had
But the mind is drifting away when my thoughts goes wild
Track Name: Island
I don't mind to be by myself
Although I am not an island
Yes I need your tender touch
And i think that's not that much
Just honest smile on your face
Warm breath that I'll embrace
I can see the world in your eyes
But not through..

I feel alright
Please don't give up

I'll drop dead if you would, if you would...